When Passion Collides: Marta Miljanic Spring/Summer 2017 “Ultraviolence”

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in costume design, Marta Miljanic is a fashion designer who has certainly carved a name for herself with her avant-garde, fearless taste.

For Spring/Summer 2017, Marta Miljanic was inspired by the intriguing lifestyle of musicians who had led an interesting life where their creativity reigned on. Entitled “Ultraviolence,” rebellion, struggle and freedom are three elements that characterized the collection. “FIX: The Ministry Movie,” which highlights the creative, violent life of the band Ministry, Nine Inch Nails music videos and the first works Vivienne Westwood also served as a springboard for the wares.

Hard, dark aggressive silhouettes with a hint of fetishism take hold. With a color palette of mainly black and everything made from leather, spikes, lacing and other elements are like armor for the body. A sheer, tight bodysuit is worn with leather pants featuring lace-up details along the front of the legs as well as leather pencil skirt with studding down the side. Fingerless, black leather opera gloves truly make this look powerful yet ultra-feminine. Separates such as leather pants with vent details as well as jackets and dresses with studding are more approachable options for those who are a bit more conservative in taste, yet want something truly unique and luxurious on their skin. Interestingly enough, Marta is all about showing two different sides of the spectrum: furs and bustiers add to the ladylike appeal, while chains seen on high waist short shorts and on layering pieces to be worn over garments or on skin give a more rough touch.

The standout piece? An oxblood red strapless dress that features piercing details along the breast. While we understand this look is not for everyone, it is certainly one that pushes the boundaries of the eye and mind, making it a true lust-worthy item. A crowd favorite will be the black leather trench that features studding details along the collar cuffs and hem along with lace-up details from the waist to upper hem.

While this collection is entitled “Ultraviolence,” perhaps it should be renamed to “Ultrapassion” – for Marta’s creativity and love for designing truly shines through with such a beautiful force… it doesn’t want to harm, it just wants to be heard. And yes Marta, we hear you. JENNIFER STEVENS



Photographer: Dusan Milovanovic

Makeup by: Tea Mileta
Hair by: Milena Ban / Unlimited Studio
Model: Maja Atanasijević