To Feel…To Live: Andrea Pojezdálová “Noir” Collection

If we are lucky, we are born with all of our five senses. To touch, to taste, to smell, to hear and of course to see. Imagine however one of those senses being taken from you: would you let it drag you or would you rise above it? On a lesser extreme, our senses can be temporarily removed. Take a blindfold for example. In symbolic terms, this can equate to the dichotomy of the conscious and the unconscious. However, for Andrea Pojezdálová, she uses blindfolds to represent the connection to feeling over the senses, with an emphasis on the importance of emotion over perception.

Slovakian Andrea Pojezdálová carved her path to becoming a fashion designer by attending the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. From there, her talent skyrocketed. She was the winner of the Brilliance Fashion Talent and the International Re-act Fashion competition in 2011, Fresh fashion designer in 2014 as well as the Best fashion graduate in 2015. Why all of these awards? It is Andrea’s timeless dresses that are characterized by smooth lines, a limited color palette and her unusual patterns and combination of materials that make this young designer stand out in womenswear. Comprised of flat and structured contrasting surfaces, silhouettes of her dresses are used with traditional textile techniques entwined with modern form.

Her latest collection, entitled “Noir,” is what has made Andrea one of the country’s most promising names. Sticking to black and streamlined cuts, models were blindfolded in order to create an occult and mysterious atmosphere. Tailoring with sartorial rigor, ingenuous jumpsuits and oversized dresses were accompanied with modern tunics and belted coats. The name of the game was sheer in different variations, exposing the flesh of the body. Not so sheer tunics made of silk featured oversized sleeves that created wave-like shapes that hung above the knuckles. A favorite look? Relaxed, wide-legged trousers fastened by an oversized belt, worn with an oversized tunic tucked in. This was relaxation-meets-Helmut-Lang-and-Rick-Owens-on-the-beach-vibes. The ‘it’ piece? An oversized cocoon coat that lightly dragged across the floor. It was dark beauty in slow motion. More important than looking good, Andrea gave off a feeling of ‘feeling good’ through her wares. Energy in motion, space and time. JENNIFER STEVENS