The Beat of My Own Drum: The Grande Dame, Chapter III Fall/Winter 2017

Reach your highest potential, be fearless. That is the mantra of Australian based label The Grande Dame, which in French is defined as “Great lady.” All about empowering woman to be her own unique self, style and attitude of various forms take hold along with the mentality of straying away from the masses where her true soul can glow.

Chapter III for Fall/Winter 2017 does not follow any sort of trends— rather, it’s about cultivating a unique sense of style that comes from seeing the world in another light through travels, experiences, textures, feelings and wanderlust. TGD lady is all about basking in the full moon along with the mysteries of the Universe. Androgyny wraps around female sensuality, leather flares give off a feminine, yet avant-garde feel.

Draped wool basics along with sheer viscose numbers in various cuts are worn with trousers, showing the diversity of options as well as the effortlessly cool aesthetic that the label has captured. Yes, a nod to Rick Owens (he is noted as an inspiration), with a young twist. Highlights include a reversible leather jacket with a slim fitting silhouette with raw cut details as well as a leather t-shirt dress made from washed leather, both of which are perfect for layering. Dresses are long and tight made from a stretch tencel with several panel details. A leather maxi bag and large backpack also make their way into the collection, and are versatile for everyday wear.  If trousers are more of your bag the favorite item is a pair of leather flared trousers. Ultra-feminine yet deliciously moody, TGD may have perhaps hit the nail on the [retail] head with this one. Other trousers of note are drop crotch trousers that are tight fitting towards the lower leg are great to dress up to dress down, as well as viscose pants with a relaxed fit and panel details allows for a bit of sex appeal, yet are easy to wear.

Pieces that withstand time and go beyond trends, The Grande Dame’s fabrications, textures and overall mood is for a particular class of woman, and certainly has the potential to achieve a cult-like appeal. Another thing of note: a portion of each online sale will be donated to a charity chosen by The Grande Dame, as they are big believers in giving back— just as much as they prize being your own voice. JENNIFER STEVENS