Redefining Shape: Kyo Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

A recent graduate of London College of Fashion, Kyo by Kyo Yun Park originally hails from Seoul, South Korea. During her BA, Kyo spent three months working various internships, which was quite a milestone: Kyo identified her strengths and skills in both 2D and 3D wares. By studying and developing patterns along with using innovative materials, Kyo seeks to develop the perfect fit with sartorial rigor.

Kyo’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection, entitled “Origami,” has structural shapes that reflect both the masculine and feminine. Dramatic, inflated creations with sensual, delicate touches contrast with bold details. Denim and crinoline are used in a color palette of black and white. Silhouettes are a natural result of different shapes in various scales over the body. A black, cropped blouse featuring  a high neck and angular sleeves with accentuated shoulders is paired with a flowing, layered black skirt that reaches the floor. A similar look is also noted that features long sleeves and sheer details on the skirt. On the softer side, a white, sleeveless dress has several layers that challenge proportion and silhouette, resulting in an ultra-feminine, modern look. The true star however, is a pair of white trousers, featuring one embellished flared leg, while the other side cuts below the knee at an angle. Paired with a sheer top, black stitches are intentionally visible showing shape and construction- just like origami, and make for a beautiful contrast with sheer, blue-purple tones.

While origami can have barriers when it comes to one’s ability to re-create any sort of object or form, Kyo successfully brings her wares to life through her vision and dedication. Sharp lines and unmistakable silhouettes make Kyo’s pieces true works of art. JENNIFER STEVENS