screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-12-26-51-pmSatellite Journal recently was given the opportunity to chat with Jerome of Peels, a clothing brand intended to be used for his fathers painting business. The first shirt was made for the company to appear more established and professional. Now, after nearly a year, Peels has become an emerging fashion brand.

The story was passed around and people began to see that this wasn’t a traditional clothing company. Every piece produced at Peels is custom, stitching names onto the garments. Jerome explains that the back end work can get a bit crazy with the company only being himself and his partner Sarah. Though Sarah works in the fashion industry as a model, neither of them have any real experience in business or clothing design. The goal for Peels was never to have a huge clothing line or make a ton of money; The brand has personal ties and they plan to let it grow organically.

It’s been quite the adventure and experience for Jerome and is now his main focus. “It’s really amazing to me and I can’t want to see where it goes…”
Photography | Mateus Lages


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