‘Merica: R13 Spring/Summer 2018, NYFW

Americana, the modern way. This is Chris Leba’s vision for R13, which was deeply rooted in all things grunge. Drawing inspiration by the Hutterites in North America, we learn a bit of history: their colonies are spread across the northern plains of the US from the Dakotas to Oregon. How they dress? A colorful, mix of bold colors and patterns in a functional utility manner that deeply influenced R13’s fourth runway collection.

Mixing and matching is the name of the game for Spring/Summer 2018: graphic t’s and floral skirts are paired with tartan and plaid with two-tone details. R13’s signature, denim, was widely seen. An open suit with flared legs as well as separates with visible seams were present. Footwear also consisted of denim, and was a new take on the scrunchy boot. The apron was also a noted item and perhaps the star of the show: consisting of plaid, leopard or solid (which were layered on floral-printed dresses) made a nice constrast with Dr. Martin boots.

Like many designers, Leba couldn’t resist throwing a little bit of political cues in the mix. NASCAR trucker hates, cowboy boots, bandanas and giant belt buckles gave off a western theme, and also perhaps was a call to the MAGA movement. On the opposite spectrum, Leba took opposing fabrics, silhouettes and patterns and entwined them onto wears, which can perhaps be a nod to the diversity that America holds. One thing is for sure, R13 did in fact prove that America is indeed great [again] when it comes to the creative minds of fashion. JENNIFER STEVENS