Liquor Dessert


Everyone loves at least one kind. Ice cream… everyone loves at least one kind, too. So what happens when you pour wine into a cup of ice cream? Wine ice cream. Mercer’s Dairy was the first to jump on the ice cream infused wine saga, and they distribute this bad ass pairing. Sometimes however, it becomes a bit or a hardship to get your hands on it, so we came up with a really cool DIY that allows you to become your own bartender and ice cream server extraordinaire.

Grab a frozen banana, a bottle of fermented grapes and a blender, and you’re read to go: freeze the bananas overnight by removing it from its peel and wrap it in tinfoil. Add fresh fruit or any desired toppings (nuts, chocolate chips, etc.)  and put into a blender. Some suggestions, you ask? Add dark fruits for Merlot, pineapple and honey to Hugel Pinot Blanc, berries to a rosé and boom: you’re drunk.

Enjoy responsibly and don’t blame us for wanting more!




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