Introducing Bing Bang’s Black Label

Started in 2002, designer (and also another brand) Anna Sheffield created jewelry line Bing Bang. Over the years, the NYC-based studio Bing Bang has mastered the art of creating current, timeless jewelry within two inspiring collections, resulting in a range of essential jewelry for every type of girl.

Enter the Black Label: inspired by the eclectic and diverse women of today, all things New York along with feminine geometry make way for gleaming wonders that are the proper balance of rough and sweet.  While Bing Bang is a bit more fun, think of the Black Label is BB’s mature, older sister. A more mature, modern market with influences such as Alexander Calder is present.

Simple shapes such as short, gold and silver hoops contrast with wave-like asymmetric “Aalto” earrings. Rings feature beautiful scenery in a circular flat surface, allowing the wearer to envision a getaway. Refined yet still adventurous, the Black Label is for the sophisticated wanderlust within. JENNIFER STEVENS