The Future Today: Endra Devi Fall/Winter 2018 “Dark Paradise”

Hailing from Hong Kong, Endra Devi‘s Indian and Filipino roots grew fond of her hometown’s hustle. A versatile designer, Endra gravitates to designing for the modern woman, with out-of-this-world choices.

Traveling back in time to the eighties rocker era where club kids ruled, one comes into contact with strange, nocturnal animals that come to life. They are a subculture that has emerged out of frustration and prejudice of society. They are the anti-establishment, the youthful ones, and believe in unity and living carefree. Endra Devi created her Fall/Winter 2018 collection, “Dark Paradise” to put a modern take on this ideology. Freedom and justice wrap around each other like two snakes with the concept of nightlife and the excess of mayhem, violence, the fun and the bond we establish within a bubble full of outcasts.

Rich, bold, edgy and flirtatious designs take hold. Hot pink and purple, a pattern derived from a tropical print that Endra developed and further distorted on Photoshop, create waves of shapes for a completely futuristic, modern twist and psychedelic vibe that makes the viewer feel as if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Wordplay such as “Hedonistic” is noted on bottoms, displayed boldly. Similar patterns are seen on a matching crop top and layered skirt, featuring d-ring details on the waist and straps of the crop top. Worn over a fishnet bodysuit, it was as racy as it is elegant. Similar color schemes are seen on a matching oversized jacket and wide-legged chaps. The highlight however is an oversized metallic bright blue coat that features d-ring details and a funnel neck. Oversized, wide sleeves and sharp angular shoulders give this look quite the edge. The pattern alone makes one feel as though they are on a couture acid trip. Although quite modern, Endra Devi’s collection is perfect for the now: as we live in a time where gender and liberation are constantly being pushed to the peak, her wares challenge ideologies and the conventional notions of what is wearable in terms of fashion. JENNIFER STEVENS

Photographed by Shaye Garrigan