Featured Artwork | David LLamas
David studied arts and graphic design and has always been interested in drawing, painting, illustration since he can remember. Especially painting people and their faces while trying to capture their personalities through the exaggeration of their characteristic facial features. Many times David uses humor or sarcastic elements to emphasize the idea that he wishes to transmit in each drawing, painting or illustration.
With Llamas being a huge cinema and music fan; Actors and musicians are his favorite subjects. He enjoys taking the spirit of a movie or the essence of a singer to transmit to the canvas. He uses many different techniques to make his work what it is; Acrylics, water color, graphite… as well as digital mediums; Illustrator and Photoshop.

The work of David Llama is unique and has an attitude of it’s own, we love his style here at Satellite Journal and look forward to seeing his work more global in the future!