Dance With Me: Du Qinling Graduate Collection

“We started dancing and love put us into a groove” Shannon, “Let The Music Play”
A graduate of the prestigious London College of Fashion, Du Qinling, who is now based in the Netherlands, produces oversized, unisex wares designed with a casual cool appeal in mind.
Du Qinling’s graduate collection, entitled “TECHNORAVE,” is genderless as it is relaxed. Inspired by nineties ravers and techno music, psychedelic color stripes and prints inspired by Jim Lambie’s ZOBOP resemble the lighting and the rhythm of the beat heard in nightclubs. An oversized wrap coat features stripes in wild patterns containing reds, oranges, greens, blues and pinks. Cinched in by a white belt that resembles a seatbelt and paired with orange trousers, Du certainly wants the wearer to stand out. Long, oversized shirts feature similar patterns. The highlight however is a striped pattern of vertical stripes in pinks, blues, greens and yellows with yellow chest pocket details. This was the softer side of Du, his “pastel” look per say. Paired with light pink flowing bermudas and a yellow seatbelt-like belt again, it’s relaxingly refreshing as well as eye-catching. If you’re looking to stand out from a crowd, or to just be as colorful as you can be in free-flowing shapes, Du Qinling is a name to keep an eye on. JENNIFER STEVENS