Beyond What The Eye Can See: Carolin Holzhuber Fall/Winter 2017 Collection “(UN)COVER”

Seemingly different yet quite similar, Carolin Holzhuber presents her latest footwear collection, entitled (UN)COVER. Inspired by the policing of a woman’s body and the control that a woman faces in regards to her sexuality, Holzhuber takes on a “less is more” approach this season: either representation of culture where the revealing of less skin is interpreted as a combat against the hyper-sexualization of women, while less coverage is at times a form of rebellion in the modern time of a pro-women world.

The tense terrain of the current world’s fixation on political, climate and global issues are all wrapped into (UN)COVER. Holzhuber’s footwear gives women the chance to vocalize how they want to be understood and represented. Inspired by women clothed in burkas alongside pieces that are like bare flesh, straps and soft Nappa, calf and patent leather give the wearer the option of being a bit dark or a bit more plain. A nude sandal with an extreme arch and lace up enclosure looks elegant, while  a patent leather calf open toe boot is quite the in-your-face statement shoe with a sexual vibe. Creative details of the footwear are shown through leathers and aluminum that make bold statements. A ankle boot in black as well as white features a cutout towards the ankle, and features an aluminum platform and angular heel. Holzhuber’s infamous architectural heels take on the notion that wearing her footwear can only be done by those who are strong enough in their convictions to do so. JENNIFER STEVENS