By Jennifer Stevens

Could I even tell how it was,

his hip on mine against a wall, my hands

shaking, had I ever touched him that way

before, was his skin

always so hot to the touch, the shirt

I shoved my hands under;

Could I even touch him how he was,

shaking, my hand against a hot wall

of his hip, had I been

his shirt before, was I always

so hot to the touch like something

he would shove against;

Could I tell him to make it even,

my hip shoved against the wall

of his hands, shaking, had I always

been so hot before to tell

how it was, to be the skin

under his touch

Could I even tell his hip from his hand

shaking, did he remember the way he’d

touched me before, was his shirt always a wall

against my hand, he

shoved me under

It was late, I was there and you were warm

to my hand, I would say, please

don’t leave, touch me there

like you used to

I was late, you were there, it was warm

to my hand, I would want, just

to please, you were there but

I never

I was warm, you were late, it was there

to my touch, I was just

late to want, but I would

leave you never

Photographer | Gunn Kochapanya

Styling | Mile Supakasem

Makeup | Ann Benjamas

Hair | Thitigorn Homhual

Asst. Photo | Eddy Indy

Asst. Stylist | Veta Wang

Model | Vera Gerasimovich [Wilhelmina One, Thailand]

Featured Designers | Céline, Janesuda, Vickteerut & Veta Wang Studio