Morgan Jesse Lappin is a collector of the unusual, the sensual, and anything “magical”. Sometimes you can see him on his magic carpet hovering around Brooklyn, spreading love like butter on a hot southern biscuit. Morgan was kidnapped by a religious fanatic and survived, he can do 30 jumping jacks faster than any 7 year old in the world, yet he makes sure his room is vacuumed at least 4 times a day. Pro Russian Dancer, he travels the earth within his own mind, leaving bits and pieces of himself where ever he goes.

In 2007 while working with a friend at his Silk Screen Studio, I first started making collages to use as t-shirt designs. Once I realized people where giving more attention to the original collages than the shirts I was immediately inspired and became very passionate about the collage process from beginning to end. The act of collecting and cutting the images became a form of meditation as well. I’ve also noticed within the last few years there has been a major surge in collage artists. Its amazing how many unique collage styles exist, there are many who pick a specific style and stick to it, then there are collage artists like my self who jump around different styles. I range from works that can be considered fine art, works that make people laugh, down to works that make people cringe and cry. I blame my ADHD for this, a blessing and a curse. I spend 90% of my art time collecting, cutting, and cataloging images and 10% of the time making the collages. To many ideas, to little time. Especially since my true passion is making and recording music. In December of 2013 I started the Brooklyn Collage Collective which has shown all over the world.


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