About Us

In an ever changing world, it has become our mission as animals to adapt and survive. Human civilization has encountered an era of the Information Revolution. The driving force behind much of this change was an innovation popularly known as the Internet. With a limitless data bank at the palm of our hands, cyberspace has begun to defeat old forms of entertainment, research and communication. We are living in an altered generation, unlike any before.

Satellite Journal is about the bigger picture; taking a step back to look at our planet from another point of view.

We strive to focus on human to human interactions and communication. Raw fashion, art and real thoughts. Looking to be original, reverse time and focus on what’s real. Wishing to set trends to preserve our earth and motivate our kind. Observing the world for what it is, and to indulge in life away from the media.

Satellite Journal is constantly on the hunt for brands and businesses who want to invest in a thought-provoking journal of curated art and information. By advertising with SJ, affiliates will be connected with a brand that always provides and promotes timeless works of art. With a focused editorial line and high quality hard cover, our publication is something to keep and revisit. Other products that we aim to produce will include online interactive content, as well as events and exhibitions.