A Story About Love: Mike Amiri Fall/Winter 2018 PFW

California love: Mike Amiri brought his signature Cali edge to the seductive backdrop of Paris as he revealed his Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Taking place at the Beaux-Arts, the chapel showcased Amiri’s creations full of grunge and glamour. Taking a cue from “The Lost Boys, ” the Amiri boy for this season is synonymous with seduction and dark allure. He is an eternal outsider that exists outside of the bounds of normative reality. While he is a part of the human race, he is always apart from it: a vampire is an outcast by nature, and the power and captivating nature of the vampire arises from the outcast state. Amiri gave us the dark hero, the quintessential bad boy who thrills and seduces us as he breaks rules.

Mysterious, sexy, dark and compelling: walking down a display of oriental rugs, skinny jeans with rips at the knee in an array of styles (some glitter, some metallic- and also seen on a pair of OTK boots and long coat) made their way down in blacks, blues, reds and shades of metal. It was done with the right amount of glam and not overly excessive. Stripes were also a big part of the Amiri DNA, and are seen in t-shirt, sweater and sweatshirt form in a red and black pattern. Another item of note while focusing on the t’s: Kiefer Sutherland’s menacing face appears on some of the t-shirts, keeping up with theme.

The mere mention of vampires used to be enough to make people think of a nocturnal predator. But over the centuries, the vampire has changed from monstrous villain into a sexual object, for both men and women alike. A black slip dress that features an asymmetrical slit with sheer, patterned overlay paints a softcore feeling of sensuality. A red dress with a v-neck and slit that reveals the slightest touch of skin is paired with a long denim trench and printed scarf, protecting every vampire’s favorite area of desire (in style).

Amiri’s label is all about power: the FW18 look is a portrayal of an alternate, super-naturalized sexuality that survives a world of death. This is seen in the leathers: a metallic green biker jacket, a simple black biker adorned with metallic fringe that is reminiscent of Hedi’s L12, and a leather that features a perfect washed-treatment (paired with the perfect satin black skinny trousers) shows the strength in the Amiri man. He is suave, he knows exactly who he is.

Temptations are indulged through Amiri’s take on suiting: a black, tailored blazer is paired with a low-v-neck and black jeans with a vertical sequin tuxedo detail down each side. The final look features a red velvet tuxedo jacket with embellished lapels that give off a glimmer. Paired with red satin skinny trousers, this right here is the Amiri man in all of his glory: Mike Amiri makes sure that our temptations are indulged, and we are left with lingering thoughts on this new, murky yet forward-thinking version of a new modern romanticism. JENNIFER STEVENS